Why we care about Nutrition Chart?

We are a family that loves food and enjoys cooking. We try different types of foods and try to be conscious of the nutritional aspect too. While cooking, we would choose recipes that appear healthy. But, our annual physical reports did not reflect our “healthy” eating habits. A wise man once said, “if you want to improve something, start measuring it”. We applied this principle to our eating by knowing what we are eating. We started counting calories and other nutritional facts.

So, we created this site to share the recipes and their nutrition charts. Now, we have that information and its very useful. Now we understand where we were going wrong. We now choose and balance our meals to stay with the suggested guidelines. This does not mean that we stop eating the food we like. It only means that if you are preparing a high calories recipe for dinner, try to cut down on the calories the next day. Similarly, if you are below your daily fiber consumption, choose a fiber-rich recipe for the next meal. Its simple and easy. We’ve done it and so can you!

Take control of your eating too. Look at the nutrition chart and plan meals to balance out any guilty-pleasures.

Let’s work together to create a healthier community! Submit recipes and we’ll add nutrition chart before publishing on the site.


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